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Soul brings beauty

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Rouvenat uses only old stones selected by the design studio and validated by its gemologists. Each stone is accompanied by a certificate and an attestation of age, which can range from 5 years to several centuries. This certificate is guaranteed and secured using blockchain.

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Rouvenat brings forgotten treasures back to light

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The soul of color

Each color has a unique frequency. Beauty is singular. Rouvenat chooses the most beautiful stones in a wide range of materials, colors, sizes, carats and prices. Each stone is selected for its beauty, its fire, its color, its uniqueness - its soul, then certified for its quality. Our treasure hunters bring to light the most beautiful emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, but also spinels, rubellites, tourmalines, parabas, topaz, opals, or even ancient intaglios: so many treasures to discover in our "Digital Safe" or at 416, rue St Honoré.

Natural stones and their beauty
Bring your gem!

Stones are full of stories that overlap and enrich each other. They last, transmit and preserve. Rouvenat is committed to reassemble your old stones on new creations. We assess your stone. We reassemble it on the creation of your choice, in our collection or custom-made according to your project. Two simple conditions must be met: the stone must meet the "Rouvenat quality", and its age must be certifiable.

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What's new

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